Early Stage of Scoliosis and Iyengar Method

14 January 2014
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14 January 2014, Comments: 9
My earlier writing on scoliosis. Heck, it’s even my early writing on yoga
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Ade Rose, one of my best friends, has a nearly 40-degree scoliosis to the right side. Not just at one point, she had it at two areas of
her spine, the lumbar (lower) and thoracic (mid) spine.  Due to this, medical doctors have no other suggestion for her but surgery.

She refused to do so. 

For her, although this scoliosis condition is disturbing her a lot, but having many limitations in doing a lot of things in life -after implanting some kind of a steel rod to straighten up her spine- is not a choice she had in mind also. So she looks for another answer.

Then there came along Iyengar, well first just a regular yoga!

She’s been doing regular yoga over 4 years before she met me. In that period of time, she felt yoga was quite okay in helping her relieve some of the pain caused by scoliosis. But not totally, sometimes the back pain, irregular heartbeat and short breathing appear anytime.


I found out that she had scoliosis at one yoga class that we do together. I didn’t know her so well back then, but when she did a front bending I saw a lil bit of hunch around a fist size on her right back.

I remember my Iyengar yoga teacher, Ann Barros! She used to have a similar condition like Ade, a 40 degree scoliosis to the right. This is her main reason as she went to Pune, India to learn Iyengar system from the master himself, BKS Iyengar. With his keen observation of human body and deep knowledge upon yoga, he successfully helps Ann realign her spine into a straight and normal condition.

“It’s easy to say now, but that’s not that easy back then” said Ann to me. Sometimes the asana, which she had to do in order to realign her spine, is so painful and it made her cry. “But I had to do it, don’t want to grow old and having a crutch on my right side just to help me stand or walk”

What Mr. Iyengar taught her, she taught me. And now, I teach Ade what she taught me!


405822_4057453528951_584424654_nWe work together for almost 7-8 months together. Lucky me, Ade is tough enough to learn this hard nose array of yoga postures. The most painful one is doing the pose called Halasana (plough pose), but this is the most powerful pose to realign the spine from scoliosis. Because at this stage, spine need to adjust to know the sensation of being straight. 

At first, we work on her spine alignment. This is tough and painful, Ade sometimes unconsciously drop tears in her eyes to adapt the pain. Especially when she does the halasana pose. She could bare the pain only for 3-5 minutes at the beginning but as time moved on she can prolong her resistance of the pain.

Later on, even I was surprised to see what happened to her. Hunch back is gone! Her back is now flat when she did the front bending. No more lump or any bulgy thing on her back!

Basically scoliosis has two types: 
1. Structural: where the spine is abnormal
2. Functional: where the muscle that connected to the spine is abnormal

In many cases, structural scoliosis most likely led to the functional scoliosis. In Ade’s case, her functional scoliosis is almost gone. I’d say, 80 % fixed!

So what about her structural? Well we need to work even harder on that, but at least her life is moving toward better direction. As now she even got some kind of a scholarship on yoga teacher’s program from one to the world biggest fitness center franchise 


9 responses on “Early Stage of Scoliosis and Iyengar Method

  1. titik ulfa says:

    bagaimana cara membuat peralatan jungkir baliknya ya? Itu pakai benda apa, biar ga jebol tuh dinding… 😉

    • Erykar says:

      Itu standar tradisi Iyengar

      Bisa mencari di dekat tempat tinggal Anda, studio Iyengar, berlatih di sana dan berlatih sendiri di rumah

  2. eva says:

    kalo mau latihan yoga rutin untuk kasus seperti mba ade rose, dimana ya kang?

  3. Sharon says:

    Thank you for this inspirational story, my daughter is 16 with a 25% curve and we are trying to hook up with a senior iyengar teacher. Your story is just the motivation we need to keep searching till we find one.

  4. rani says:

    Alamat yoga pink studio dimana ya ? Anak saya scoliosis

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